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 Do you remember how you first learned about money? Perhaps it was a childhood experience of receiving an allowance, opening a savings account, or the satisfaction of earning a first paycheck. Our attitudes and preferences are often rooted in early experiences such as those.

 Are you a “save it for a rainy day” kind of person? Does “spend it if you have it” better describe your practice? Or is yours a “buy now and pay later” approach? The bigger question is “Can you name your financial priorities and are you on track to accomplish them?”

At New Leaf Financial Planning we understand that one needs to:

as well as to Save

as well as to Dream

as well as to Implement


We begin by listening to your goals and concerns. We take time to learn about your resources, risks, and obligations so that your financial plan matches your priorities and capabilities, with a goal of providing a clear path forward to the financial future you have in mind.

Our Team

Jay Marshall

Certified Financial Planner
CRD# 6854107

Helping prepare for the financial future you desire is the primary objective of New Leaf Financial Planning. Jay Marshall, CFP® will work with your goals in mind to develop a plan that your resources can support. As a Quaker minister and former seminary dean, Jay thinks deeply about the financial stresses and realities that face most of us. He helps clients meet these challenges by turning over a new leaf in their approach to money and debt.

Jay began investing as a young man while still a graduate student. He made his first mutual fund investment less than a month before the October 1987 market crash so learned early the value of not over-reacting to market volatility! He experienced the cold hard truth that individuals usually need big bank accounts in order to receive attention and service from investment advisers. In working with graduate students and ministers, he observed their frequent need for basic knowledge with regard to income, debt, and investments. Experiences like these are a major reason Jay now offers financial planning services.


 New Leaf Financial Planning offers flexibility to its clients. A good plan begins with an honest assessment of cash flow, debt levels, and net worth. From that point, clients’ needs will vary.  We are prepared to develop plans that encompass investments strategies, risk management, income tax planning, education planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and more.

Services are provided on a fee-only basis.

Budget and Cash Flow Analysis

Budget and Cash Flow Analysis

Calculation of Insurance Needs

Calculation of Insurance Needs

Saving and Investment Strategies

Saving and Investment Strategies

Model Portfolio Recommendations

Model Portfolio Recommendations

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

 Our clients can choose between two options:

Financial Foundation Plan

This option includes a tailor made plan designed specifically for you. It will include as few or as many of the basic areas of financial planning as you desire, and will provide a foundation from which you can begin to implement and monitor your plan. The cost for the Financial Foundation Plan is billed at an hourly rate of $200, with a minimum of $500. Any services provided beyond the original plan would be billed at an additional hourly rate charge. This option is best suited for those who prefer a “hands on” approach to their finances.

Financial Accompaniment Plan

This option includes the development of the Financial Foundation Plan and will assist you in the implementation and monitoring of your plan on an on-going basis. For those who are uneasy managing finances or uninterested in the details, this option may be right for you.

The Financial Accompaniment Plan includes:
– Development of Financial Foundation Plan
– Annual performance report/review
– Semi-annual portfolio review and re-balancing analysis
– Updated financial planning projections

For an $800 initial fee and $100 per month retainer fee, let New Leaf Financial Planning accompany you along the path to a stronger financial future.

You can begin by scheduling an initial conversation at no charge to determine if New Leaf Financial Planning is a good match for your needs.